Bean Bar

As a UC student, it’s about that time of the year when it’s necessary to find a good study spot to cram for the upcoming slew of finals on the horizon. This is also about the time when the library starts to reek (literally and figuratively) of despair and procrastination. So, finding quaint little coffee shops to study at has become a mission I’ve decided to take on.

Today, with a little downtown in between classes, an interview, and work, I happened across a gem. Strolling along the streets of downtown, I stumbled across a quiet little coffee shop right across from the Central San Diego Library and close to Petco Park. It’s the perfect place to study and read a good book or catch up with friends at the bar seating or a table. The decorations add to the relaxing presence that Bean Bar gives off, with seating available outside or inside.

On top of black coffee and espresso beverages, they also have an array of locally made sandwiches, pastries, and sweets – plus some cute apparel and coffee necessities for sale. The staff is super friendly and helpful, open to offering suggestions and providing service very efficiently. Downtown parking is always difficult, but I managed to find some street meter parking between the nearby parking structures. Although I’ll be continuing my mission of finding as many coffee shop stops as I can – I can’t wait to drop by this one again soon!

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