Yes, I’m Excited About the Supermoon

I’ve been extremely excited about for the past couple days (if you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram I’m sure you’ve probably seen), a little gem called the supermoon was hanging out in the sky recently. If you’re a news junkie like me and get religiously updated via morning emails on what’s happening in the world – or you’ve happened across the fun, little Facebook … More Yes, I’m Excited About the Supermoon

Why You Should VOTE

The year 2016 has seen monumental developments in the technological, social, and, particularly, political realms. While in previous elections, many professional organizations and those in the public eye have stayed primarily bipartisan (or at least refrained from speaking out directly against a candidate), we have now reached a whole new level of political aggression. Drastic changes and … More Why You Should VOTE