Passionate about marketing, branding, social media, and events. Pursuing a career working in a team environment to collaborate towards the success of the company and its clients. Enthusiastic about establishing and maintaining relationships with a variety of clients, staff, and accounts from a wide range of backgrounds.

Graduated December 2017 from the University of California, San Diego with a double major in Political Science & Communication, minoring in Business Marketing. Loves the outdoors, music, movies, art, photography, and people – and has traveled throughout 13 countries.

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Marketing & Events Coordinator

• Establishing engaged digital and face-to-face audiences by consistently creating relevant content and interacting with the community and industry professionals
• Organizing creative direction & analyzing campaign results for the target audience
• Building a brand image and voice on the website and social media platforms
• Coordinating B2B relationships with upper management of large festivals & events
• Overseeing overall event execution and success, ensuring event account, employee, and customer satisfaction

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• Managing influencer outreach and content planning based on buyer personas
• Creating and managing all social media platforms
• Copywriting for eCommerce website product description content
• Creative advertising strategy for paid media campaigns
• Content creation and creative direction to develop an ideal brand image

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Facebook Product Store

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Social Media & Outreach Coordinator 

• Planning and editing social media content, including directing photoshoot concepts
• Writing creative ad copy and headlines for paid media campaigns
• Managing influencer outreach and developing an affiliate program

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Social Media & Content Marketing Intern

• Composing content for 53 different work pages including slogans, company summaries, and detailing development solutions completed by the agency
• Editing content for website development within site launch constraints
• Managing 2-3 weekly social media posts on each of 5 different platforms for customers
• Writing SEO-focused informative blogs on industry topics to generate traffic
• Understanding clients’ business needs, tailoring campaigns for their audience
• Organizing the creative strategy for a new Facebook campaign, including directing a photoshoot and planning the content
• Increasing brand reach by growing Instagram followers in relevant industry
• Developing marketing proposal plans by understanding the target audience needs

Cocoyana Facebook Campaign – Creative Direction, Photoshoot, Content Planning

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WEB4REALTORS Blog – SEO-Focused Writing & Editing


iCatch Marketing Blog – SEO-Focused Writing & Editing

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• Success throughout years executing brand awareness for multiple companies by bringing together an online community of 12,000 + followers
• Fostering of positive conversation to partners and regularly interacting via likes, tagging, and shares with a variety of avenues (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WordPress blog)

WordPress Blog

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